1.How do I receive the sound?

You can receive the sound by tuning your fm radio to one of our 3 signals (one per screen).
Any car or portable fm radio should work fine here.

2.How do you decide what movies to play, and why are they combined as they are?

In cooperation with our booking agency, we arrange double feature combinations we think
will be the most popular with our customers. We try to make the combinations reasonably
compatible... ie: you won't see a "Powerpuff Girls" movie playing with "Bride of Dracula".
It's a matter of personal taste, and not nearly an exact science... but we do the best we can!

3.How do you decide what screen to play a particular movie?

We like to open new movies in our largest field, especially if it's a "family friendly" title.
As we hold the movie over for subsequent weeks, it will eventually make way for new pictures,
and will be placed in one of our smaller fields. Even then, those fields have 60 foot screens
and are larger than those at many drive-ins. This is not a 'hard and fast' policy, but it should
give you a general idea how we like to place our movies. Notable exceptions are when we have
more than one new title opening in a particular week, or when a movie's rating makes a particular
screen more appropriate

4.Can I move to another field between shows?

We're sorry, but No. Technically, the drive-in is 3 separate theatres. A large part of your admission
pays for the movies that you bought your ticket for. If you go to another field, you're watching a
movie you didn't pay for, and nothing goes to that studio. Curiously, they seem a bit persnickety about
money! Of course, you're welcome to roam the interior of the theatre, but your vehicle must remain in
the field for which you purchased your ticket.

5.Why don't you play more "G" or "family" pictures?

You will find that we book most good family shows as soon as they become available to us.
If you feel we might have missed a good choice, feel free to send us an email with your suggestions.

A General List of our House Rules:

  • Management Availability: We are always available to help with any situation that may require it. Should field
    or concession staff be unable to resolve any issue to your satisfaction, please ask to speak with a manager.

  • Admission Policy: Admission to the drive-in is on a per-person basis. There is no carload price unless it falls on a THURSDAY, which is our carload special for $17. Drivers are responsible for giving an accurate count of their car's patrons. Hiding in vehicles to gain unlawful admittance violates "Theft of Service" and trespass laws, and carries similar penalties and legal consequences as shoplifting. Violators risk being ejected from the theatre, along with their entire party. In most cases, these situations are handled by the Police department, with resultant charges and other related unpleasantries. The drive-in is a place to enjoy your evening. Please don't risk ruining it for yourself and your companions.

  • RETAIN YOUR TICKETS. We cannot overemphasize this advice. The Drive-In is privately owned property, and your ticket is your limited license to be here during business hours. Theatre staff may request your ticket at any time, for any reason. If you fail to produce a ticket with an accurate count of the people in your vehicle, you and your companions may be required to leave the drive-in,regardless of how many people in your car may actually have paid. Your ticket will also have useful information regarding parking and how to find the channel to set your radio for sound.

  • Parking Policy: One space per car. Spaces may not be reserved or saved. Outdoor furniture must be placed between your vehicle and the screen. For your safety, please do not lie on blankets. Traffic may not see you! In order to maximize parking availability, theatre personnel may ask you to move your vehicle, either closer to a pole or to another area.

  • Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds except in cases where you must leave before the show starts or if you can not find a suitable parking location when you arrive (you must exchange your ticket for a refund). When the entrance is congested on busy nights, please ask a concession or field attendant for assistance. Refunds are not given to anyone who is ejected from the theatre.

  • No parking on the outside perimeter of the theatre. You're welcome to meet your friends here, but please bring your vehicle in with you. The outside perimeter is an enforced tow-away zone at all times.

  • NO "OUT & IN". If you leave during the evening, your ticket may not be used to re-admit you to the drive-in.

  • The SPEED LIMIT: within the theatre is 10 MPH. There are pedestrians everywhere, so please observe this limit and drive carefully. For everyone's safety, any negligent driving may result in your being asked to leave the theatre.

  • Pets must be under your direct control and responsibility at all times. They must be on leash when not secured in your vehicle, and we ask that you clean up after them. Animals are not allowed in the snack bar, restrooms, legitimate service animals excepted.

  • You must be in control of your lights, and they must be off while you're parked.
    Other distracting lights on, in and around your vehicle, including strobes, neons, blinking/flashing novelties, video displays and TV sets must also be turned off.

  • Designated parking areas for VANS, TRUCKS, HIGHTOPS, LARGE SUVs, MOTOR HOMES, SEMI-TRACTORS, SCHOOL BUSES & FLYING SAUCERS. We usually have good parking for most vehicles, large and small. However, for the viewing comfort of all, larger vehicles are required to park in designated areas. Your ticket will have this information on it. Field staff may designate parking, at our discretion. If you can't find a satisfactory spot before the show starts, we'll be happy to refund your ticket at your request. Theatre staff may designate parking locations for any vehicle at any time.

  • Tie hatchbacks & other doors level with the top of your vehicle.
    This helps prevent you from blocking the view of the person behind you. Twine or a short piece of small rope or wire works very well. If you plan to have speakers or people on top of your vehicle, or you prefer to have your hatchback all the way up, please expect to park in the back rows.

  • Outside Seating: If you plan to enjoy the show outside of your vehicle, please sit between your vehicle and the screen. Do not occupy room in another space, walkway, etc.

This rule is relaxed somewhat during the week, when space permits... but not on Friday and Saturday, or any day when we determine extra space may be needed for incoming patrons.
Lawn chairs, etc, only. lying on the ground is not permitted.

  • Each vehicle is entitled to one space.

Please park CLOSE enough to a post (where available) to allow for another vehicle.

  • Be considerate of the folks around you. Do not raise voices, radios, or noises loud enough to disturb other patrons.
    This especially applies to subwoofers and high-powered sound systems. We're glad you can enjoy your electronic investment here, but it must not be (in our judgment) excessively loud.

  • Do not sound your horn. There is no part of our program where you'll ever be asked to sound your horn, and we ask that you not do this for any reason. If you need the attention of theatre staff, you'll find us in or around the snack bar throughout the evening.

  • Never put a light of any sort onto the screen, including spot lights and laser devices.

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